DWI Charges Dallas

Getting a DWI in Dallas can ruin a person’s life. Don’t please guilty to drunk driving or DWI until you call my office 24×7. Consider the following about DWI charges: It is not uncommon that the only evidence of illegal intoxication is the officer’s opinion. It is not illegal to drink alcohol prior to driving. […]


Internet Crimes

Been charged with a computer or Internet crime? Talk to attorney McClelland. Find out what your rights are concerning computer or Internet criminal charges. Have your email or other electronic records been subpoenaed? Give me a call any time 24 hrs a day to discuss your case. Call today: 972-365-4252


Weapons Violations

Have you been charged with a weapons violation in Dallas county or North Texas? Call attorney McClelland today for a free consultation. Weapon charges can range from unlawful possession, domestic disturbance, or a weapons crime. Know your rights and get sound council. Did you have a weapon or weapons confiscated by the county or state? […]